AGENTS OF BrainDance

Create With No Limitations

Agents are your characters in BD. You can play different experiences through them and you can create media content with them.

You own the copyright to your Agent and therefore, you can give them call signs, create content both online and in physical worlds.

Moreover, you have the ability to motion capture both your face and body movements and project them onto your agent.

A world of possibilities awaits you Agent.


Live online as if you were an Agent

Capture your face using our companion app.

Sync up your recording to your Agent.

Pick a call sign and live online as your Agent.


Upgrade or Engineer Your Agent

You can modify, upgrade or engineer your cyberpunk Agent at any time using OMEGA.

From clothing items or skins to powers and abilities, you can customize your Agent to suit your needs better.

OG Agents that are released as NFTs have the ability to earn money for their human counterpart.

By distributing all the spending of regular Agents to the OG counterpart, OG Agents earn whatever is spent in the ecosysten.


Integrate Body Movement

You have the ability to project your 1-1 body motion onto the Agents.

Using the same companion app or by using GoPro (single or multiple) you can capture the motion of one or multiple people at the same time.

This opens up a world of possibilities as you can create movies, pose as your Agent on social media and move across the entire metaverse and keep all the functionalities.

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