Local or Remote are welcomed. As long as you're talented and bring something extra to the table.

Environment Artist

As a Senior Environment Artist, you build, populate and light levels from inception to completion in conjunction with the level designers. Additionally, you can create high-quality 3D assets for those levels. You also mentor, guide and motivate other artists.

Engine Programmer

As a Senior Engine Programmer you supervise some parts of the engine, as defined by the Lead, and make propositions concerning the choice of specific modules. You can validate specific features and contribute to enhance their performance and the game quality.

Core Tech Engineer

As a Core Tech Engineer you will use your experience with Unreal Engine and low-level game coding topics to find the best ways to use Unreal Engine to make large open-world games and, when needed, find ways to shape and push the technology further. As someone who knows Unreal Engine inside and out, you will be working with and guiding the whole team to build solid technology.

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