City Hub

All Agents regardless of their tier live inside the 3rd Eye Tower. However, based on their Arena ranking, the floor in which they reside change frequently.

The higher the floor, the higher the achievements and their worth.

Metaverse Land or Commercial real-estates that produce active or passive income in metaverse and can house additional businesses.

Multiple streams of income via staking, leasing, and business, are all possible through City Hubs.


Collect Taxes

A perk of owning land in 3rd Eye Tower is collecting taxes from all residents in your hub. You can lend or charge any tax rate from every player in your reality as long as you own the land.

Capitalism or Communism?

Your choice.


Price action of similar land NFTs



There are 7 types of City Hubs, from Military Compound to Intelligence Agency.

City Hubs are valued based on a variety of factors such as:

  • Type
  • Class
  • Rarity
  • Base Land Value
  • GDP
  • Population
  • SOL

Each of these factors have their own pool weight and decide the total value that can appreciate in macro/micro environment, or depreciate in micro environment.

However, the land only increases in value as more players join the game but the number of City Hubs remain the same.

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